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Where is nowhere.com?

Fax copies of replies to spam
Heute schon auf Spam geantwortet?

Artist Nick Philip directs you to a row of garbage cans placed below twelve whirring fax machines at Tokyo’s Intercommunications Center. The domain nowhere.com, he explains, is often used as a return address by shady Internet spammers to disguise their actual Internet location. Irritated recipients reply to the spam but because of the false return address the replies are returned to nowhere.com instead of back to the spammers. That is, until Philip directed all email addressed to nowhere.com to a series of fax machines at the ICC. Now the piles of lost missives are redirected into a physical representation of their final digital destination – the trash can. […]

Emails are copied as they pass through nowhere.com on to their final destination. They are distributed through 12 fax modems and then printed by 12 fax machines. Thermal paper is collected in trash cans, then allowed to overflow onto the gallery floor.

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